Thursday, April 9, 2009


Time For An Update??

Is it time to update your child’s bedroom?

Have they outgrown the cute bear theme from when they were 3 years old?

There are many benefits to updating the décor of your child’s room and it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune!

  • One great benefit is they will more likely want to keep it looking in tip top shape if it’s their own.
  • You and your son/daughter can form a bond over the process of decorating.
  • Getting involved in the redecorating allows you to learn so much about your teen.
  • Your child will be excited about something other than the new season of The Hills.
  • Your helping your child to be creative.
  • You can set a budget and teach them the value of a dollar and how to get a good deal.
  • It’s a great time to let them make some decisions and be responsible for their space. Here’s some great and inexpensive ways to let your preteen or teen make their mark on their territory!

  1. A coat of paint. So they want neon pink or black walls. So what? Let them at it. Its only paint. While you may hate it, your child will love it and they will have to look at it everyday. Maybe you can compromise and paint a black or pink stripe or design.
  2. A new bedspread or comforter. While this could be your biggest expense, it will also be the one change that will make the most impact on the décor. Look for sales. Go on ebay or craigslist and find a deal.
  3. Curtains. Sheets and old table clothes can make great curtains. Look online for ideas on creative curtain rods, such as a long branch spray painted white. Instant chic!
  4. Repaint or refinish the furniture.
  5. Enlarge their favorite photos into poster size and frame them. Maybe create a collage of photos of their friends. Try looking on Kodak Gallery for some creative ideas that are budget friendly and still add great impact!
  6. While new carpeting may be out of the budget, how about a funky area rug. There are some very cool rugs geared towards teens that aren’t too expensive.


    Cool colors in shag that kids love! Or maybe a zebra or leopard print! How about their favorite team?

  7. Wall tattoos are really big right now. There is everything from sports themed to rock and roll them to shopping for the future divas.


  8. Check out JC Penneys for some fun ideas. They have a whole teen bedroom decor section!

Be sure to keep a hamper and a garbage pail in their room to help them stay organized and tidy.

Most of all, have fun with it. Let your teen make decisions and choices. Its their room, let it represent their style not yours!

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