Saturday, July 18, 2009

gift ideas

Can’t decide what to get your cousin Betty for a shower present? Don’t want to give the same old thing? Check out the article on AOL for some great gift giving ideas.

Men's Diaper Bag …a diaper bag for Dads! Believe me hubby does not want to use the same one you do; he will feel like he’s carrying your purse. I had a couple of laughs reading the top ten wedding gift mistakes. I can relate to that one, as we received some atrocious gifts for our wedding too! Do not make that mistake, read the article for some great ideas.

Anniversary coming up? Do you know what the traditional and modern gifts are for the anniversary you will be celebrating? Great gift giving guide for every year! Print the article and slip it somewhere your husband is sure to notice!

Have a party to go to? Need an idea for a hostess gift and you don’t want to bring flowers…again? Try a basket with wine and dark chocolate! Don’t forget the men. They are the hosts too. How about a beer basket with some great salted pistachios and other yummy snacks.

Keep this article handy so you won’t be without ideas this summer. But be warned, that when word spread of your fabulous gift giving ideas, your mailbox will be filled with invitations!