Monday, November 2, 2009

Thanksgiving Planner


Don’t you wish that your grandmother left you a guide to the holidays? Wouldn’t it be nice to just reach for a binder that she prepared for you with step by step instructions of how to create the perfect Thanksgiving, or to recreate her perfect Thanksgiving? Well how about we start our own guide for the children, grandchildren or your future daughter in law? I love this idea and think that it is not only useful but something that our children will someday cherish.

This week your tasks will be simple. I want you to go to the store and pick up a notebook/binder. This will be your Thanksgiving Guide. In this book you will have your guests list,menu, recipes, table settings, centerpieces, time line, dos and don’ts, Turkey Hot line number, and much more. This book is going to be a valuable resource every year. Eventually you will pass it down to your daughter or other member who takes over the Thanksgiving holiday. Its your torch to pass! You can get very creative with this.

What you need

A three ring binder

Dividers-Spend a little extra and get the thick dividers with pockets. How many you need depends on how many categories your going to have. I would start with ten.

Alternatively, you could use a large photo album. Whatever you think would best suit your needs and your vision of what you want this to look like.

Thats it! Now you can decorate it anyway you like. You may want to print some cute Thanksgiving Graphics for the cover and each section. Click on the graphics below to see some wonderful graphics I found online that you can print out for free to decorate your planner.



For you girls who scrapbook, this is a fabulous time to get your creative juices flowing. Use lace, and ribbon, or old pictures, anything that makes this personal and pretty.

We will continue to create this wonderful reference book and heirloom next week! So lets get started with just this basic task and make a wonderful legacy for our children.


  1. Love this!!!! :) Last year I did it but just did a binder - want to make prettier like yours this year! I am going to do one for Christmas too - makes life SO much easier!!! THANKS DAWN!!!

  2. I started mine 4 years ago after my first Thanksgiving. I actually have one for each holiday =o). Makes the yearly planning sooooo quick and easy. But what prompted me to do it was to have something to pass on to my children. I wish I had guidance when I did my first holiday dinner, I love that I can just pass on the step-by-step instructions to them... time tables, menus, family recipes and all!

  3. I started mine last year when you gave me the idea, it is a scrapbook with pockets and such, I am going to add to it this year with pictures and a few more ideas. I also think Jill's idea to do it for Christmas is great too.