Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Home Is Where The Heart Is!

What does that mean to you?
We all buy a house. But making it a home is what counts. Home is where the heart is. To me that means it is where my family is. Where those that I love come together and create memories. Home is the place that makes you feel comfortable and safe. Good food, laughter, warmth,a little snuggling, and sharing your love for one another...that is a home. Its full of love and people feel that as soon as they walk through your door. Maybe its the smell of something cooking or baking in the oven, or the warm colors you decorate with. Maybe its the sound of laughter coming from another room. It is for sure the smile that you greet them with. A warm and genuine smile greeting someone and welcoming them into your home is something you don't find too often anymore. People seem to have lost the meaning of owning a house. Now it seems its just a place to rest your head after a long day. People don't seem to entertain as much. Maybe they don't feel like cleaning or cooking or making that effort. But why not?
Without people in your house, thats all you have...a house. People gathering together, family, friends, sharing a drink or a meal, laughing and teasing and joking..that is why we have our houses. To have a place to gather. Do you remember your grandparents home? It probably wasn't fancy. But you can still conjure up vivid memories of that home. The distinct smell when you walked through the door, the sound of the linoleum floor creaking beneath your feet, the feel of the pillows on the sofa, the sounds of Grandma singing in the kitchen...all memories of a home. It doesn't have to be fancy, it only has to be inviting.
Take the time to care for your home. It will always be the biggest expense and investment you make. Why would you let it fall apart? Have and take pride in your home. Create some memories, traditions for your children. Have Sunday dinner. Invite your family over. Share your home with your loved ones.

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