Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Ever have one of "those" days??
Errr..the alarm never went off, you jump out of bed and end up on the floor, because you trip over the laundry basket of clothes sitting at the end of the bed.
Run to the kids rooms and scream for them to wake up, "GET UP..YOUR GOING TO BE LATE!! NOW!!!!" Well that's not a very nice way to wake up is it? Why are you yelling at them? They didn't set the alarm for pm instead of did!
You run downstairs and throw open the cupboards, find two almost empty boxes of cereal that you'll have to mix together to make enough for one bowl.
Go to the fridge and theres only a dribble of milk in the container
You mix it with some water..the kids will never know right?
You throw two spoons into the bowl and tell them to share.
At this point they aren't arguing with the crazy lady who has invaded their mothers body, they eat it and pretend to not notice that the cereal is mixed with what appears and tastes like white water.
In the mean time your digging in the couch cushions looking for enough change to make lunch money.
Your about to walk out the door and notice your daughter only has one sock on. "WHY DO YOU ONLY HAVE ONE SOCK ON?"
She looks at you and replies "That's all that was in my drawer, oh and I have no panties on either, there weren't any."
You run upstairs and find two matching socks, OK, almost matching, and grab a pair of your sons boxers. You hand them to your daughter. She is just looking at the boxers and won't even touch them much less put them on. FINE! She goes to school commando! Who will know besides you right?
You hustle the kids out the door to the bus that is just about to drive away until he sees you running after him, bathrobe flying open and hair that looks like you have something living in it.
After getting the kids on the bus you go home, walk into the kitchen and see the dirty dishes from supper last night staring back at you. You look at them, turn around walk upstairs and get into bed and pull the covers over your head wishing you could start this day all over.

Sound familiar? Days like this happen to the best of housewives and moms. But when it happens on a consistent basis, you better start to reevaluate what your doing. Because honey, it ain't working!!
Get a schedule in place. See the sample schedule and daily chore list.

Life will be much smoother when you know where things are, the fridge and cupboards are full, and the laundry is done and put away. When mom is stressed out and crazy, the kids are going to feed off of that. Your children will also learn from you. Don't you want your children to be organized and calm? Lead your children by example...don't be the "do as I say not as I do" kind of a Mom. It doesn't work. Make today the first day of a new and improved YOU!! You can do it! Just remember that you don't have to be perfect, or try and be Martha Stewart. Reaching for that will only guarantee failure. Set your bar high, but not so high that you will never reach it. Be realistic in your expectations of yourself!!

Tomorrow we will go through this crazy moms routine above, and analyze the whats and whys of it. You will see how simpley some of these problems can be fixed. You'll also see that she creates all her own stress and has no one to blame but herself!! Time to take responsibility for your own problems and fix them!!


  1. You just described at least 3 of my mornings from every week!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower!

  2. Thank you for this blog! I have been searching for this sort of detailed, thoughtful, and experienced, guidance for years. So many of us were never taught these things, and then one day... *poof* i have a house, a garage ,a yard and a family to care for...... and no plan for action. What a mess it turned out to be. This blog has restored my hope for a better way. I am working on my own schedule now, based on your formula. Thanks again! :- )