Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fall cleaning the bathroom

Before you start to clean your bathroom, be sure to do a good declutter and re-organization!! Get rid of all the junk! The 5 brushes, old tubes of lipsticks, and other useless junk you don't need or use! Create baskets for each family member. Fill each basket with what they use daily. When its their turn in the bathroom, they just retrieve their basket and put it away when they are done. Its much easier to keep track of things this way also. When someone is running low on something, have it be their responsibility to let you know!! Keep your counters clutter free! The less you have on there, the less you have to clean. Keep it simple and down to one decorative item. Better yet, decorate with something that will be used. Such as bath salts, cotton balls, Q-tips, etc, in pretty apothacary jars!


  • Begin by removing everything from the bathroom. Take out all the rugs, the shower curtain, garbage pail, anything on the vanity, the hamper, and take down your blinds or drapes.
  • Wash drapes and bathroom rugs.
  • Remove the rubber mat from the tub/shower. Scrub the mat on both sides, rinse well. Most rubber mats can also be machine washed with bleach then hung to drip dry.
  • Spray down your shower/tub with your favorite cleaner and scrub well. Use a stiff scrub brush, or a tooth brush on the grout. If grout is mildew stained, try using a bleach pen to clean. Using car wax on tiles will leave a shine and help prevent water spots. If you prefer to use natural ingriedents for the tiles, you one part vinegar to 4 parts water, or stronger if needed. Rinse with clear water and buff dry with a soft twoel or coth to prevent streaking.
  • Sinks and Faucets. Clean these with your favorite products.
  • To clean a soap dish, put it right in the dishwasher
  • Toilet Bowls. Clean the interior with a commercial bowl cleaner, sudsy water, or mild cleanser, using a toilet bowl brush. Scrub all interior surfaces, especially the inside rim of the bowl and the trap. To disinfect the toilet, pour 1 cup of bleach into the water. Let stand for about 10 minutes; flush. Wipe down the exterior of the tank, bowl, and base with a sudsy cloth or sponge. Do the same for the seat(both sides), the cover, and hinges.
  • Mirrors. Clean the mirrors with your favorite cleaner.
  • Light fixtures. Clean all the light fixtures and change any bulbs that are needed.
  • Walls and baseboards. Clean walls with a warm water. If there is a build up of hair spray, simply use rubbing alcohol. The rubbing alcohol also works to get the hairspray off the mirrors and other surfaces. Wipe down all the baseboards with a damp sponge. Be sure to wipe down the towel holders, toilet paper holder, light switches and outlets too.
  • Remove heating vent cover and clean well in hot soapy water with a scrub/wire brush. Use your vacuum hose to get as far into the vent as possible to clean it out.
  • Windows. Clean the inside and outside of the windows. Clean the tracts and also the storm windows if you have them. Don’t forget the window sill and the top window sill.
  • Floors. Vacuum floors really well. Then mop with a vinegar/water solution.
  • Cabinets. Wipe down all the fronts of the cabinets, and drawers. Polish the hardware. Open the doors and drawers to get any accumulated dust on the edges and in corners.
  • Wipe down the bathroom door, and the top of the bathroom door.

Now your ready to put it all back together. Before putting the same rugs and shower curtain back up. Check some sales to see if you can getsomething new and seasonal at a good price. Or maybe just a new soap dispenser, or guest towels. Get the room ready for company and for the holidays. Now reward yourself for a job well done. Enjoy the fruits of your labor with a relaxing bubble bath!


  1. Great tips Dawn, but I finally beat you to it. I deep cleaned my bathroom last week. Usually I don't get to it for a while yet!

  2. Then you better move onto the bedrooms, because I'll have the dining room and kitchen lists up soon!!!! LOL Good job being ahead of schedule!

  3. The dining room is being done today and the kitchen is to be done this week when my new carpet goes down. So I guess I'm staying ahead of schedule this year! LOL

  4. Once a month, pour one cup of baking soda, followed by one cup of white vinegar down the drain. Wait an hour and flush with warm water. The combination fizzles away most of the buildup. Works for shower, tub and kitchen sink drains as well.