Thursday, September 23, 2010

ReCheck Your Fall/back to school schedules


Now its the time to see if our schedules are fitting the back to school routine. Take the time now to revamp your schedules and chores if needed. Don’t wait till the house is a disaster and you don’t know where to start. You should have a feeling now that its either working or its not. With practice schedules, dance schedules, homework schedules and everything in between you may need to be a little flexible in your own schedule.

Now is also a good time to set your kids routine in order. Be sure that they are staying with a specific routine when they come home from school. Make good habits for them. Are they giving you the papers that you need to see? Are they doing their homework without being told? Are they throwing their backpacks wherever or are they putting things in their place? If your child knows that homework is to be done each day right after school, there will be no fight. You shouldn’t have to have reminders. They know and will get into the habit of just doing it. Kids do like consistency. They like to know whats going on and when.

If they or you are constantly wondering whats next, than you will all be living in chaos and confusion. Things get lost, homework doesn’t get done, things are forgotten and no one succeeds. Stay on top of things. Keep your calendars updated. Get the kids into the habit of checking their calendars daily. If you haven’t already, drop a line to your kids teachers to introduce yourself. You can call, email or write a letter. Don’t wait for the open house and get lost in the dozens of other parents. Do it now and keep the lines of communication open with them. It will be beneficial to you and your child. Your childs teacher will also see that you are involved and care about your kids education.

This is also a good time to join the PTA if you have the time. This is a busy time of year for all of us. A lot of things are going on. Not only do we have back to school, but with it sport schedules, dr. appointments, holidays, and our everyday duties. So sit back, take a deep breath and really get it together. Don’t let things just happen and fly by the seat of your pants. We want our children to model themselves after us. Show them how to be organized and efficient and successful!

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