Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Clean The Coat Closet!!

Heres an easy Spring Cleaning Job to get you into the spring clean groove...the coat closet! We know it needs to be'll be amazed at how much storage room you have once those winter coats are put away! Plus you'll really feel like spring is here once they are out of site!

It is that time of year when we don’t need the big bulky coats and scarves and hats and gloves. Cleaning the hall coat closet will give you more room to store other things and make it easier to find what you’re looking for.
To begin with, start by completely emptying the closet of all its contents.

Get in there with the vacuum cleaner and clean the walls, corners, floor and shelves.

Then use a solution of water and mild soap or white vinegar to wipe the entire area down

Don’t forget to wipe down the pole, and then wash or vacuum the floor.

Before putting anything back into the closet, decide what you are going to keep.

If your Childs winter coat was getting a little snug, its not going to fit next year, get rid of it.

If you have coats and jackets that need repaired zippers, or buttons sewed on, decide if you’re going to do this or if it will still be needing repair next year. If you don’t have time to repair them yourself, take it to the dry cleaner, most do simple zipper repairs.

What else did you have stashed in that closet? Is it the best place to store it? Does it have a different home and somehow found its way there? Put things back where they belong.

Throw out or donate things that haven’t been used in the last year. Chances are its either junk or its something someone else could use.

Store the winter coats and accessories somewhere else. If you lack a lot of storage space, try the vacuum sealed packs, there are special made ones just for coats. Then store away. This will create a ton of space for you!!

What To Keep In The Closet: spring coats, and umbrellas. Hang a plastic shoe rack that you can store a pair of slippers in to put on when you take your shoes off. You can also store more than just shoes in the pockets of these, such as flip flops, garden gloves, keys, camera, flashlights, etc.

Invest in heavy wooden hangers. Throw out any wire hangers, and plastic broken hangers. The wooden ones will last forever, keep the closet looking neater, and hold up to heavier coats.

A small shoe rack on the floor is perfect for the family to keep their shoes nice and neat. Put it on top of a small rubber mat to catch the dirt and water. It will be easier to remove the mat to clean then have to clean the whole floor.

On the shelves if you have them, is a good place to store extra large appliances you don’t use daily, like the mixer or blender.

If you have a large closet, you can store TV trays, your vacuum cleaner, board games, envelopes and stationary, phone books, blankets for picnics or fireworks, etc. Use your imagination and use the space wisely. Keep it clean and tidy by keeping on schedule and keeping good habits!


  1. Hello Dawn! Just checked out your blog for the first it! You have some great tips for cleaning..I love to clean also and now I am in the mood to clean out my coat closet! Great tip about having some type of storage for the shoes..I'm desperately needing a shoe rack or something to organize the clutter of shoes in the bottom of my closet as we speak! Hope you'll drop by my blog..Country Roads..its pretty new and I'm still trying to get some followers! Have a blessed day!

  2. Yea! I found a coat closet clean out! My closet is so teeny tiny! This is my task for today! So difficult to start thank you for the tips, I'm off and running. Stop by later to see my pics!

  3. Great tips!
    These are all helpful but my challenge is to find time to start organizing my closet. But as soon I can find one, I will try your tips:-)