Friday, July 20, 2012

Packing For A Weekend Trip

Getting ready to go on a trip can sometimes be a stressful event!  Being prepared is the key to packing efficiently and quickly.
Depending on where you are going and what you will be doing will change up your lists. Obviously your list for a tropical getaway will be far different than a weekend ski trip!  However, having a basic packing list will make it easier to add on to it when preparing for your next vacation!  Here is a basic packing list for a weekend getaway.  I keep a small travel bag filled with sample size/travel size goodies filled at all times. You never know when your significant other will surprise you with a spur of the moment romantic get away!!

  • toothpaste-toothbrush-mouthwash-floss
  • comb and brush
  • hairspray and other needed hair products
  • shampoo and conditioner (I never like the ones in hotels)
  • hair ties
  • lotion
  • soap (if you prefer yours over the hotels)
  • makeup remover and a small bag of cotton balls or pads
  • band-aids
  • razor-shaving cream
  • tampons/panty liners
  • a small stash of medicine you may need: aspirin, tums, allergy meds, Imodium, etc. Grab the small single use packets and put them all in a baggie. Very convenient and they take up little room.
  • deodorant
  • perfume (the small samples from the beauty counter work great for traveling!)
  • travel size curling iron and flat iron. Leave the big ones at home, and invest in travel size. They work great. I even found a travel size hot roller set that takes up little room!
  • sunscreen and aloe
  • nail file/emory boards/nail clipper
  • contact lens solution/contacts
  • travel size umbrella
This is just a basic list of basic supplies to always have on hand.  Keep them right in a small case that you can throw into your suitcase or weekend bag.  Packing will be much easier and you will have everything you need.  And if worse comes to worse, whatever you forget you can always buy when you get there!

What are your must haves when traveling?? Give me your suggestions and I'll add them to the list!

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