Friday, August 3, 2012

getting ready for school

Summer is speeding by us. Before you know it, you will be putting the little ones on the bus for school. Are you ready? Have you been school shopping? Do the kids have enough socks, underwear and clothes? Are their drawers and closets all neat and ready for the new school year? No? Uh oh…time to get busy!

 You want your children to be well organized and prepared for school. Living in chaos is no way to start the school year. So grab your children, head into their rooms and start getting it together.

Start by getting rid of clothes that do not fit them. Then get rid of the clothes that they just do not wear anymore for whatever reason.
 Get in and organize the drawers. This will make it easy for them to get dressed in the mornings. Be sure to get into the habit of picking out clothes the night before.
 Clean out the closets.
 Organize the shoes, hang the pants, hang the shirts. Get rid of things that do not need to be in there.
Do they have a desk in their room?
Is this where homework and studying is done?
 Clean it out; set it up so it’s ready for a new school year. New pencils, new calendar, erasers, pencil sharpener, paper. Have the tools your kids need to succeed!!

It’s so much nicer to wake up and to live in a bedroom that is neat, clean and organized. What a way to start the day!!
 Waking up and stepping over clothes, toys, and papers is sure to put kids in the wrong state of mind to start their day. Let’s help our children to be organized, and teach them the skills by starting with the area that they live in and that they call their own.
So the challenge is to not only get your kids rooms ready for school, but to involve them in the process. To teach them to care for their things and to remember the value and the hardwork that went into buying these things. We want them to respect their belongings. So get in there and get it done , school is approaching fast.


  1. Excellent! It will be here before we know it!
    XO Rob

  2. Hi Dawn,
    You and I think alike...tackling the kids' rooms is on my horizon in the near future!

    Happy summer!

  3. I finally tackled the kids rooms today and I am totally beat but feel so relieved. We just bought my son a desk for his room and will put that together tomorrow. I agree that they need a space to work on their homework and that space does not need to be my kitchen table ha! Thank you for inspiring me to tackle this and to get ready for the new school year.