Monday, March 8, 2010

Declutter Before You Spring Clean!

No one loves to spring clean more than me!! I love that it means the warm weather is around the corner! Its a new fresh start to your cleaning routine. But before you begin, you have to, no you clutter. Thats right, get rid of the junk..and its just junk, believe me! Your life and your cleaning routine will be so much easier without it. Its less you have to clean, pick up, put away, much easier! Once you've decluttered, you can organize what you have left..this is all part of spring cleaning ladies! Are you ready??

I know that the hardest part of getting organized is getting started. All you need to do for the next week is commit 15 minutes a day on de cluttering. Here are 7 tips to help you get started!!!

1. Make an appointment with yourself. Write it down on the calendar. And then keep that appointment like you would any other appointment such as the dentist. You have an appointment to unclutter something. Do not cancel or reschedule!!! Mark it down..the date, the time, and the mission! Remember you only have to do it for 15 minutes, but once you get going you may find that you can push it to 30 minutes or more!
2. Start small. Unclutter one shelf, one drawer, or one small area until you are done. You can set timers and give yourself a break if you need to, just be sure that it’s done before the end of the day. Do not go to bed with the job not done. This is why we are only picking ONE shelf, drawer, etc. You'll never get to sleep knowing that the whole closet is in piles on the floor. Keep it small!!! Don't schedule "declutter the basement" Just schedule what you can do in 15 minutes. "declutter the christmas section of basement" You may have to schedule this task for more than one day, but it will eventually all get done.
3. Set simple daily goals for yourself. Today, I’m going to clean out the sock drawer. And then do it. You can clean out the junk drawer while you wait for the water to boil for dinner! Just grab the garbage bag and start throwing out the junk.
4. Reward yourself. Plan on a nice soak in the tub when you finish the job. You’ll have something to look forward to, and the sooner you get the chore done, the sooner you’ll be in bath bubbles. Hard work deserves a reward! While the finished product of an organized and decluttered home will be a reward in itself, you need to give yourself something special for a job well done!
5. Find the mess. Figure out the one area that frustrates you the most. The bill basket, the toy bin, the junk drawer. If you’re constantly paying late charges because of misplaced bills, then BINGO, theres the problem. Clean and organize the area where your bills are kept.
6. Have the whole family help.Make a list of organizing projects and write each one on a separate piece of paper. Put them all in a jar or bowl. Set aside a Saturday afternoon. Have each member that is capable, reach inside and pick a slip of paper. Everyone does that organizing/declutter project until it’s done. You may want to do separate bowls that are age appropriate. Small kids can organize too! Don’t underestimate them; sometimes we over think things, while they have the simple solution! Don't forget to reward your family for their work..a night out to the movies, or out for ice cream might help to motivate them! 7. Don’t try and get it all done in one day. Walk away when you have had enough. The clutter didn’t get there overnight, and it won’t disappear overnight either. Don't get discouraged, you just start again tomorrow!

1. Things you love or use.
2. Things you could give away
3. Things that belong in the trash
4. Things you could sell
5. Things that belong elsewhere.

Be sure to put away what needs to be put away.

The things that need to get thrown out, do so.

The things that you’re going to give away or donate, place right into your car to be taken to a drop box, or the church. Don't just set them aside..straight into the car they go!!!

The things you’re going to sell, place in either the basement or garage. Price them ASAP, or list them on eBay, craigslist etc, immediately, do not put that off. Don't say your going to sell it and then just let it sit in a corner. Remember to be honest with yourself..if your not going to sell it, or have a garage sale, throw it out or donate it!!

Be tough on yourself when going through the items, when in doubt, throw it out!!! If you hesitate on where to put something, chances are it should not stay in the house and its just clutter that you can live without.

Be brutal. Don't keep something that you've been meaning to sew a button on or honest with yourself, your never going to do it, so get rid of it. Don't keep the broken toys, or the ten brushes in the bathroom. Really, how many do you use? Keep it real, stay honest with yourself and in no time you'll have bags of stuff leaving your house. Your going to feel so good! When we declutter our homes, we are decluttering our lives. And really, couldn't we all do with a little less of everything?


  1. thank you. xo, kelly

  2. my pleasure...thank you!!!

  3. This is just what I need! Thank You!
    XO, Kris

  4. Glad you are back to bloggin chicky! Been wondering what you were uo to!


  5. Just found your blog and am so happy I did! Just what I've needed! :)

    Marci :)

  6. Hm, that sounds like a great idea. Saves a lot of time when it's the big day for spring cleaning. Perhaps more time will be saved if you would begin some of the cleaning during the de-cluttering stages? Like begin with dusting the furniture or windows, or get them dry-cleaned, so when it's spring cleaning day there would be less hassle.