Thursday, March 4, 2010


Take a look over to the right..see the big Swag Bucks Box?? I joined this about a year ago and I can assure you that it is no scam!! I've recieved prizes like collector sports cards for my boys amazon gift cards, movie posters and more. All you do is download the toolbar, and search through them..simple!! Every once in awhile when you do a search you'll win swag bucks!! When you get enough swag bucks you hop over to the swag buck store and purchase items. There are also other ways to win swag bucks and prizes like sweepstakes, shopping, codes, etc. Take a look and if you decide to sign up, I'd love if you signed up through my widget. Who doesn't like "free" stuff? Especially in this economy!!!!


  1. Hey Dawn!! Good to hear from you! I hope everything is well, and I am going to have to try those swag bucks, I am hearing sooooo much about them and if you endorse them then I know it is legit. Miss talking to you more!!!

  2. Hey Dawn. With Spring around the corner I am ready for a Dawn housecleaning challenge. You're the best. xoxo (I'll give this swag bucks a try sounds awesome)