Saturday, March 21, 2009

Clean Your Lawn and Deck Furniture

I can not wait to sit on my deck and sip a vodka and tonic and feel the sun shine on my face..if the damn snow would stay away!!!! In the meantime, I can plan my deck. I have a lot to do!! This year we have to stain the railings. Then powerwash the floor of the deck. I can start looking for some pots to plant my tomatoes and other veggies in too! This year I may get some new pretty outdoor pillows to brighten up the area as well. I just love spending time on the deck in the summer, and view as an extension of my home. And just like my home, all needs a good spring cleaning!!! So heres some tips on getting your lawn furniture in tip top shape for your next cook out!! Trust me, you don't want to invite your neighbor over, have her show up in white pants, and leave with a dirty behind!! Not very get those chairs cleaned!

Lawn furniture requires care while in use and before seasonal storage. It receives a lot of abuse from the elements. There are different ways to protect your furniture depending on what kind you have.

Aluminum Although it does not rust, aluminum can become dull and pitted when left outdoors. To clean, restore the shine, and smooth the surface of unpainted aluminum chairs, scrub the frames with a plastic scrubber soaked in detergent or with a soap-impregnated steel wool pad; rinse and towel dry.
Use a sponge soaked in detergent and water to wash tubular aluminum with baked-enamel finishes; rinse and dry. To maintain the luster of any aluminum surface and to make cleaning easier, wax the pieces from time to time with automobile paste wax.

Canvas Soiled canvas seats and seat backs are usually machine washable; be sure to put them back on the furniture while they are still dam so they retain their shape. You can scrub large canvas pieces like awnings and umbrellas with a firm bristled brush and a solution of water and an all-purpose cleaner. Rinse well with a hose and air dry.

Plastic Wash plastic furniture with an all-purpose cleaner and water solution and the rinse with the hose and dry.

Wood Scrub stubborn soil with a brush and a solution of water and an all purpose cleaner; rinse well and towel dry. Wood furniture may need to be stained or to have a wood preservative applied periodically for protection.


  1. Hi Dawn,
    I'm really enjoying your housewife hints. You're inspiring me to tackle the chores I tend to postpone. Once they're done, I'm always so glad I did them. Your hints make onerous tasks less onerous!

    Today we cleared out a couple of flower beds. The deck furniture may get done next weekend, if the weather cooperates!

    Lynn from For Love Or Funny

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