Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Cleaning The Bedrooms!!

This is one spring cleaning job that even I never look forward to! Its time consuming to say the least! But its also one of the spring cleaning jobs that will show the most! I promise you will sleep better when its all done! If you have older children, be sure to have them help out with their own rooms. There is plenty for them to do!!

Here is a list of tasks that should be completed for each bedroom in your home.

  • First before you even begin to clean anything. Get rid of the clutter. Go in with a garbage bag for the junk and a box for donations. You can’t properly clean a room if it’s a cluttered mess!
  • Strip the beds and vacuum the mattress. Remove the mattress and vacuum the boxspring. While the mattress is off, dust and clean the slats that the mattress rests on. Return the mattress back to the bed, only flip and turn it from its original position. Vacuum the new top. If you can get behind the bed, vacuum and dust well there. Move all the dressers away from the walls and vacuum and dust good behind them.(helps if you have teenage boys or a hubby available!)
  • Dust and clean all the baseboards in the bedroom. Don’t forget the tops of the closet doors and the tops of the door frames too. It gets pretty dusty up there if you don't do it regularly!
  • Remove the heating vents and cold air return vents in the room. Get your vacuum down as far as possible and clean them out. Wash the vents in hot soapy water and clean well. Replace them making sure that they are on tightly.
  • Wash all the walls,doors and door jams, and light switches of finger prints and smudges and marks.
  • Clean all the windows, inside and out. If you have removable storm windows, remove them , and clean and install your screens now. Clean out the tracks in the windows of all the dust and grime.
  • Now is the time to get out the spring and summer clothes if you have them stored away. Go through the winter clothes from this year. If you didn’t wear it, get rid of it. Pack up the rest for storage. Leave out a few outfits for the remaining cool weather we may sitll have. Prepare three baskets, one for dry-cleaning, one for donating, and one for mending. Get those clothes set for storage ASAP.
  • Dry clean and store your heavy winter comforter and get out a lighter spring/summer bedspread. If you didn't dry clean it before you stored it, do so now before you put it on your bed.

  • Get into the closets and empty the floors. Remove everything and dust and vacuum your closet well. Get into the corners and the shelves and wipe down all the walls. You don’t want moths, beetles or spiders invading your clothes.
  • Clean out the insides of your drawers also. Remove all the clothes, vacuum and wipe down all the drawers. Replace clothing neatly and place summer clothes in appropriate baskets or directly into storage.
  • Do all these steps in each bedroom this week. It will take a little more time than usual but you will feel fabulous when its all done.

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