Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I love doing the laundry!! Yes I really do, call me crazy. But really,the machines do all the hard work; all we have to do is throw it in! That fresh smell of clean laundry is just so addicting to me!!! I think one of the reasons a lot of people hate doing laundry is because they let it pile up till they are buried in it and are overwhelmed!! That is when it becomes a real chore.

Folding and putting away a small load of laundry is easy. But when you have load after load after load, it’s daunting, and exhausting. So this week, I want you all to follow these tips and remember that its not hard. See how much easier it is to open the closet and find your daughters dance leotard, rather than running all over the house tearing through baskets of laundry and hampers and piles of clothes, only to find that it’s been sitting in the washing machine for two days and now needs to be washed again! Let’s get washing ladies!! Follow these simple tips to making laundry an enjoyable and easy task rather than a hated and daunting chore!!!

1. Everyday do at least one load of laundry!! This is the most important tip. Do not let the laundry pile up.
2. Keep a hamper in each bedroom. Or you can keep one in each bathroom. I like to keep one in the boys’ bathroom and one in our bathroom.
3. Do not let your children, your husband or yourself, throw clothes on the floor. You will end up doing more laundry than needed because you won’t know what’s clean and what’s dirty. If you try something on and change your mind, hang it back up. Get into the habit, and enforce the rule with your children too. I know my boys have thrown clean clothes into the hamper because they were too lazy to hang it back up, or to refold it!! Nip it in the bud before it becomes a habit!!
4. Have a strategy. Find what works for you. Some people like to do all the towels on one day and all the jeans on another day. Some people like to do all of one child’s clothes one day, and husband’s clothes the next. I like to empty the hampers into the laundry basket, take it to the laundry room and sort, and then decide what I’m going to wash.
5. Don’t wait for a full load. There are dials on the machine for a reason. If you wait for a full load of jeans, you will use more water to wash them, and they will take up more time in the dryer. I like to do small loads. They are easier to fold and put away, and they don’t take as long to wash and dry. I rarely use the full button on the washing machine. I like the low and medium loads.
6. When the washer and dryer buzzes, go switch the load. Do not put it off. If you leave the clothes in the wash, they are going to smell and need rewashing. If you leave them in the dryer they are going to wrinkle and cause you to do more ironing. Or your children will just look like a sloppy mess when they go to school!
7. When you take the clothes out of the dryer, fold them immediately. And then put them away. Don’t just leave them in the basket till later, they will wrinkle. And don’t just fold them and stick the basket in the bedroom. The kids will just filter through the basket to get what they want and make a mess out of the rest of the neatly folded clothes.
8. Hang a line in your laundry room. Keep hangers on hand in there. I like to take things that need to be hung like pants, and hang them as soon as they are out of the dryer. This way you’re only touching the pants once. You’re not taking them from the dryer, into the basket, folding them, and then taking them to the room and hanging them. This will also help with items that need ironing not to get too wrinkled, such as dress shirts. It’s good to take them out and hang them while they are still slightly damp, you’ll have less wrinkles, which means easier ironing! It’s also good to have a line to hang things that can’t go into the dryer. Of course now with the warm weather here, be sure to use that great outdoor air to dry your clothes!
9. Here is something you may want to think about. I know a lot of women have no problems doing the laundry, just putting it away. Did you ever wonder why? Maybe its time for a reorganization of the drawers and closets. Its a bit of a chore to stuff the folded clothes into a messy drawer that won't even close. Or clean out the closet. Maybe there is a need for more or newer hangers. So check out the system you use and figure out where its failing and why. When you can answer those questions you will have solved your problem and your hate for doing laundry!! So lets iron out the wrinkles ladies!!
based on article written by me and published on the Happy Housewives Club

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  1. Oh Housewife Dawn. I need you in my life. I love your schedules, I'm just too lazy to be that committed! And now, here I am, the day before my daughters birthday party and I'm scrambling to do everything in one day. Wanna come live here and help a girl out?