Saturday, November 17, 2012


Don’t get yourself all stressed out from the holidays. Relax and enjoy the day. Remember to give Thanks, and to count your blessings. Even if its been a tough year for you, remember that there is always someone out there who has it tougher. Look to the future and pray for better days ahead.
You love your children but of course they too can cause us some stress. Put them to work to keep them busy and to help you out!! They can go outside and collect leaves for a centerpiece, or they can help fold napkins, or sweep, windex windows, anything to keep them occupied!

Remember that your children will feed off your emotions. So if your running around stressed out, tired, and cranky, your kids will be stressed out, tired, and cranky. All that will do is lead to more stress!
Be prepared. The more you can do ahead of time, the more you will enjoy the day. You will also have the time to deal with any little catastrophes that will no doubt occur that day. Last year my kitchen sink blew a pipe. Thankfully I was ahead of the game and it didn’t really effect me too much. Of course my poor husband wouldn’t agree with that, but the point is, I was ahead of the game and the time to fix the sink didn’t put me behind schedule.
Don't forget to clean as you go!!! Run and empty the dishwasher before guests get there. Fill the sink up with hot soapy water and wash as you go...don't let pots and pans and dishes pile up! Wipe down the counters, sweep the floor, put out fresh guest towels in the powder room, do a quick wipe and swipe in there also! When your guests arrive you and your home should be ready! You should be able to enjoy a glass of wine and appetizers with them.
Don't forget about yourself the day of Thanksgiving. Schedule the time to get yourself in order! You should have an outfit picked out ahead of time. Something cute, but comfy! Put your makeup on, do your hair, and put on a smile!! Greet your guests looking your best!
The holidays are about family and traditions, and celebrating the meaning of the day. Its nice to have a pretty table and a wonderful meal, but don’t get caught up in trying to be perfect. We aren’t Martha Stewart here. We are real women with real problems, and real kids, and real husbands and real budgets. Relax. It doesn’t have to be perfect.It doesn't have to be fancy and expensive. It won’t be perfect know matter how hard you try. Your mother in law will not notice the chip on the dinner plate. And if she does, so what? Who cares. Be proud of what you accomplish. Have fun and relax. Remember every time you baste the turkey, don’t forget to baste the cook with a bit of wine or champagne…she deserves it! Follow this simple advice and you will be a relaxed hostess, enjoying the fruits of your labor! So which picture will you be?? The stressed out crazy woman, or the hot and happy hostess?


  1. I'd like to be the hot and happy hostess!

  2. I am so on top of things this year, started the cooking yesterday. The onions are caramelized and the candy is made. Today I'm going to clean up and set up the table. Wednesday I'll be chopping veggies, baking potatoes for stuffed sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes, and making the pie. Thursday will be no trouble at all!

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