Saturday, November 17, 2012


This weekend is the time to get your game plan in order for Thanksgiving. Get your plan of action set and ready to go. Being prepared and organized for the holiday is half the battle.
This weekend take the time to sit down and prepare some lists. I have several lists going right now. Below is an example of what my lists entail.

Remember that separating your lists will help to keep you focused. If you write everything down on one list it will look impossible to do and cause you stress.
SHOPPING LIST: This is a list I am keeping on my refrigerator right now to jot down things I may have forgotten, and also for the fresh fruit and veggies that I need to get this week for Thanksgiving
CLEANING LIST: This looks a bit different than my normal cleaning list. I have to switch things around the week of the holiday. I obviously don’t want to clean my kitchen until Wednesday after my big prepping. Thursday will be a quick run through and of course the powder room needs to be wiped down and checked over with fresh towels on Thursday morning.
DAILY TO DO LIST: This will have the days of the week on it and what I need to do on each day. Example:
SUNDAY: Take bird out of freezer
MONDAY: grocery store for any last minute or forgotten items
TUESDAY: set table, label serving dishes
WEDNESDAY: Prep Food, defrost shrimp
Of course each day will have a bit more on it, but you get the idea. Keep the list Thanksgiving centered. Don't add things that are not Thanksgiving related to the list, it will only get confusing!
Last list I have going right now is my THURSDAY TIME LINE LIST. This is going to have the time of day and task I need to do. Example:
10am: Stuff Turkey, put stuffing in oven
11am: Put turkey in oven
12pm: Put soup on the stove
Place this list on your refrigerator and cross off as you go. Its also good to have your menu posted on the refrigerator. I’ve forgotten to put out the cranberry sauce before!

While I know it sounds overwhelming to have all these lists going, believe me when you see them posted neatly on the fridge, you will feel calm. You'll have your game plan set into action!
So be prepared and organized and your week and Thanksgiving day will turn out wonderful. Follow your lists and you won’t forget anything and you won’t be setting the table when your guests arrive or be in the shower while your Mother in law is in your kitchen “fixing” your food! You’ll be able to relax, have a cocktail and enjoy the holiday and your guests!<a href="//" data-pin-do="buttonPin" data-pin-config="above"><img src="//" /></a>


  1. I am on it! All except the cocktail though, maybe next year lol I am going to make my self a fancy no alcohol one though.

  2. Great tips Dawn! I love it. I will be on those lists today!