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This is one of my favorite things to do with holidays and my family always looks forward to see what I come up with. Now is the time to start at least thinking about it. Start getting ideas in your head of what you want your table to look like and if its something you can actually create. Really use your imagination. Here are some suggestions and ideas to get you started.
Make sure you add a spot in your Thanksgiving Planner for your Table Centerpieces. You can add pictures each year of your creation, jot down ideas and color schemes, and even cut out pictures of other centerpieces you see in magazines to use for future holidays!
To get started think of the colors scheme you would like to use. The next step is to decide if you would like a formal table or something a little more fun and relaxed. Do you want simple or extravegant? Will you make things or buy them?
The first part of your table will be your tablecloth. You don’t have to invest a ton of money if you don’t have it. But a good tablecloth may become an heirloom down the line.
Next is your dishes. If you have good china then use it. Don’t let it just sit in the china cabinet displayed. Its to eat off of, so use it. If you don’t have good china, its ok. You don’t have to match all of your plates. You can go very shabby chic with an array of pretty dishes you find at yard sales and thrift stores. But make the effort for real dishes, the holidays isn’t the time to use paper plates. Paper plates are fine for the hors devours and the dessert if you like, but let the star of the meal, the entree, shine on a pretty stage!
Cloth Napkins are a great way to add color and texture and flair to your table. Again, they don’t all have to match, but they should compliment the table. If you have 6 mauve napkins and 6 white ones, set them up as every other one to create balance and a pattern. Place them in a pretty fold on the plate or in the wine glasses to add a little height to your table. You can go here to see many different ways to fold napkins to make a creative and stunning statement!
Your guests will appreciate if they know where they will be sitting. It will also make your life a bit easier. Always place yourself closest to the kitchen! If your having a kiddie table be sure to place the parents of the kids closest to that table. The head of the table should be reserved for your husband on one end and I always seat my Father at the other end. Sitting at the end of the table for myself is not practical as I need to be closer to the kitchen. But traditionally you should take the other end opposite your husband.
The guests will know where they will be sitting because you will have adorable place cards for them to see. There is a number of ways to this. Some people like to put a small gift with the guests name on it as the place card. For Easter I filled colorful bags with candy and put everyones name on it. For Thanksgiving you can have your children go outside and get some colorful leaves. With a paintpen they can write the names of the guest on them and place them at their seats. On the kiddie table you can make Pilgrim hats with the kids names on them. You can also use small pinecones to insert a place card. If your feeling really creative spraypaint the pinecones. Gourds, small pumpkins or spraypainted apples can also be used this way. Just use a paintpen to write the guest name on them.
The Table Centerpiece. This is going to really set the tone of your table and your dinner. There are so many things you can use that you already have. One year I filled glass mixing bowls of various sizes with water and fresh cranberries. I then topped it with miniature spray red roses. I used the leftover cranberries I had, and my mixing bowls, and only had to buy the roses. Last year I spraypainted apples, artichokes, small pumpkins, branches and more with gold spraypaint.
Flowers are an easy and quick item to really brighten a table. Instead of just throwing them into a vase though, use a hallowed out pumpkin, or a short basket. Don’t have anything to tall that your guests can’t see each other across the table.
Candles are an important item, but remember to not use scented candles. You don’t want to compete with your food. Use candles in various heights to create a pretty glow around your table.
Use your imagination and your childrens help to create a pretty table that will be the perfect background for your holiday meal!

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