Saturday, November 17, 2012

hostess gift

For those of you who are going to a relative or friends home for dinner, you need to show up with more than just your appetite! Even if the hostess declined your offer to bring something, its proper etiquette to arrive with something that says thank you to your host. Here are a few quick ideas that will get you some extra leftovers to take home!
Instead of flowers, bring a plant. Flowers die. Your host will probably already have flowers that she bought or another guest brought over. A pretty plant that will last is something that she will remember you buy each time she waters it.
Wine. Wine is a very predictable hostess gift. Instead of a bottle of table wine, you could bring a dessert wine. Or perhaps a bottle of champagne to celebrate the day. Be sure to bring it over already chilled!
An Apron. I would love to get an apron as a gift! There are so many different styles to choose from. A hostess would love to wear an apron that you brought just for her! These aprons are hilarious and very well made. Embroidered with hysterical quotes, your sure to give the hostess a well needed chuckle! I have several of these aprons and everyone loves them!(if you can't read that, it says "be nice to me or I'll poison your food")
A serving bowl. If you are bringing a dish for the meal, bring it in a new pretty serving bowl that the hostess can keep afterwards.
Chocolates. What women doesn’t like chocolate. A small box of specialty chocolate will make her day! Be sure to wrap it pretty paper!
Tea and coffee basket. Fill a pretty basket up with some specialty coffees and teas. Add a couple of cute mugs or tea cups.
Candles are always an easy and nice hostess gift.
A holiday cd could be a great gift. It helps to know the hostess and her taste in music, but with a holiday cd, you probably won’t go wrong!
A book. How about a nice book that the hostess can curl up with after her busy day of entertaining.
A game. Wrap up a fun game that the whole family can play after dinner. Check out Amazon, there is a Thanksgiving Game there you can order.
Over at Oriental Trading Company there are numerous craft projects for the kids to keep them busy while the moms catch up and cook. I liked the Thanksgiving placemats that the kids can color.
Whatever you choose to bring, be sure to wrap in pretty paper. If your hostess has said that she doesn’t need anything, don’t bring food. While the thought is nice, she has her menu planned. She may already have what your bringing, or she may not have the room in her oven to heat it up. It may not go with the rest of the meal, or it might out do her food! Thats never a good thing! You don’t want the rest of the guests oohing and ahhing over your casserole and hers is left untouched! So unless your asked to bring a dish, stick to non food gifts. Just be sure to bring something.


  1. What great ideas!
    I would like to invite you to join a recipe swap that I am hosting on Nov. 13 if you get a free moment please stop by I would love to have you join!

  2. I would stay away from plants - it is just one more thing we have to take care of. Most people have jobs and kids and the plants end up dying because they are forgotten. Flowers are a better option because they only last for a week or so then we dont have to remember to water them etc.

  3. Great ideas all! I always have a hard time figuring out what to more! :-)

  4. Great ideas Dawn! I have a sister who is so hard to please, your tea cup and book idea is ideal for her.