Thursday, November 8, 2012


Yes its time to stop procrastinating and start taking action. Thanksgiving is just over two weeks away!

  • Write out your menu
  • Get out all the recipes you will need
  • Go through each recipe and write down what you will need. DO NOT ASSUME YOU HAVE SOMETHING! Double check!
  • Prepare your shopping list
  • Get your Turkey. You don’t want to wait until there are only 6 pound turkeys left.
  • Don’t forget to buy beverages. Wine, champagne, eggnog, cranberry juice and whatever else your serving. Make a list!
  • Don’t forget to add to your list plenty of aluminum foil and saran wrap. Paper holiday plates and napkins for dessert and appetizers. Good china for dinner! Other non food items to remember also like dish detergent, soap for the guest bathroom and tissues, plenty of paper toweling, and be sure to have some alka seltzer or tums on hand for the over eaters!
  • Also a good idea to grab some to go containers for your guests!
  • Do you have enough chairs? If not call up a guest to see if they can bring some folding chairs with them
  • Do you have enough dishes, glasses, silverware, serving spoons and serving dishes?
  • Get all your laundry done this week. You don’t want to be searching for potholders and dishcloths and guest towels next week.
  • Do you have a tablecloth? Does it need ironing? How about cloth napkins?
  • Do you have what your going to need for your centerpiece?
  • Ice!!
  • A cute apron for the special day?
And we haven’t even started cooking yet!!!! Do you see why we need to start now?In the next couple of weeks you will be busy polishing glasses, setting your table, prepping your food and getting the house company clean. Don't leave everything for the week of Thanksgiving. Get as much done in advance as possible and you will be the calm, cool hostess who will be able to enjoy the day!


  1. Can someone please slow down the clock? I can't believe Thanksgiving is nearly upon us! Thanks for helping me get organized!! :)

  2. Oh Geez. How did it get to be 2 weeks away? Thanks for the reminder and tips!!

  3. At this point, I'd settle for knowing just where we were going to be for Thanksgiving... *sigh*

    Love the tips, Dawn. You rock. :-)

  4. Thanks for the reminder to get my butt in high gear. I am totally prepared for Christmas but not at all for Thanksgiving. It just seems weird after losing Grandpa to have this huge celebration.